Snakelor Swift’s Ideal Wallet

Jerick Raquedan
5 min readJun 30, 2021


My ideal wallet is a small foldable gray leather wallet with patches on one side. I am very “extra” in doing things every day. Also, I always see to it that I make things much more elaborate and full of color. Even though my ideal wallet does not show any inner components, the inside of my wallet is just like any wallet with compartments where I will put the things seen around my wallet. My ideal wallet represents what I want to be and what I have to be in the present and future with the past experiences.


I have chosen Jairus as my partner for the interview. In my interview with Jairus, he explained the important physical details of his wallet:

  1. A lot of patches on his wallet
  2. Washed-out yellow for the color of the wallet
  3. Small size due to the foldable feature of the wallet


After pointing out certain details of his wallet, Jairus explained the reasons for some important details.

  1. The rainbow patches on his wallet are an important part of his wallet because of being a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, which he truly cherishes.
  2. A drawing is also present in the back of his ideal wallet that shows how he loves keeping art made by his close friends.
  3. Lastly, a cigarette is seen on his wallet to remind him that life is short and we should enjoy every moment.


Jairus is a very deep person. He always cherishes his friends and every moment that passes. Moreover, Jairus is a person that does not conform to any norm and believes that there is only one thing constant, and it is “change.” He thinks that the world is changing so, people’s perspectives and thinking should also change or progress like the world.


I am truly shocked that Jairus has a special place for memories and friends in his heart. When I met him the first time, I really thought that he is a person who always looks forward and not looks back. However, seeing his wallet opened a new perspective for me to view at.


Since Jairus loves cherishing people and memories while being progressive, he needs to represent how he can do it clearly. Making a wallet with other features would remind him of the people and memories he could carry around with him.


Problem: Since Jairus loves cherishing people and memories while being progressive, he needs to clearly represent how he can do it. Making a wallet with other features would remind him of the people and memories he could carry around with him.


I shared my proposed wallet with Jairus. After explaining the important aspects, details, and meaning behind it, he stated that he loved my idea for his wallet. However, one thing was brought up by Jairus, security. He would love a much more secure design for safety and security.


The overall design of the wallet would still be the same. However, I added features to further secure the wallet from pickpockets and robbers.


The final prototype embraces the personality of Jairus and his fondness for memories and the people around him. It also fits the ideal wallet that he imagines.


What worked?

The designs presented to Jairus were met. He expressed his love for the design. Jairus stated that the design represented his personality and what he envisions of who he is.

What could be improved?

Jairus added that he wanted to put more compartments to put some small sentimental things and cards in the wallet.


Jairus asked about adding more compartments for his wallet so that he could put more cards and identification.


To answer the question of Jairus, the compartment for the cards and identifications could have much more space by adding a compartment under it for the cards.


  1. How did talking to your interviewee inform/influence your design?

From my experience of talking to Jairus about his wallet design, I realized how big this activity is in knowing the personality of a friend or person. With the interview, I knew him better and influenced what design and features that he would like.

2. How did testing and getting feedback to impact your final design?

With the testing and feedback, I knew what Jairus liked and what he dislikes in terms of design. It helped me cross out certain features and designs he doesn’t like and layout the ideas I would pick for the final prototype.

3. What was the most challenging part of the process for you?

The most challenging part for me would be the sketching of the first design because all I have is the insights and information I had from the interview in the first phase of the activity. It is hard to layout designs with just those two pieces of information to build a sketch for the design.



Jerick Raquedan

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