In doing the activity, I have learned many things in preparing for a vacation. It helped me to be more ready and prepared whenever I plan an important event. Moreover, I could use all of the methods and elements that I could utilize to plan something.

After I shared my work with one of my classmates, we gave our feedback and our opinions about her work as well.

Communication is a fundamental aspect of our lives as well as of every organization or company. Planning is one of the important components of communication. The attached photo below tackles Communication Planning.

Traveling is a great activity that people do to unwind and get their minds off of things. Most people prefer going to provinces to enjoy their vacation and our family is one of those. My family’s tradition every summer is to travel ever since my parents celebrated their marriage anniversary 4 years ago. Now that the pandemic is being combatted, provinces are slowly opening their economies and tourism is one of them. With this mind map, I would lay out all the essential things we need in order to go to Anawangin Cove in Zambales.

Moving on, for a successful vacation, I have created a checklist for us to look into so that we would not forget the essentials for the trip. Everything that is in the list would be helpful and importatnt for the people included in the trip.

My ideal wallet is a small foldable gray leather wallet with patches on one side. I am very “extra” in doing things every day. Also, I always see to it that I make things much more elaborate and full of color. Even though my ideal wallet does not show any…

A fellowship church employee was sentenced today at the Regional Trial Court. Dina Natuto, a daily donation counter, was caught pocketing monies by another church employee at Aqovida Fellowship Church in Neverland Park, Sipsipnet City. She was then arrested on the sixth of June last year.

The church pastor, Jack Bagbaga, stated that Natuto was nice, polite, and gentle-hearted at first so he debated whether or not to press charges. The twenty-six-year-old Natuto was caught when another church employee noticed a difference from the amount entered on the donation envelopes and the money put inside the envelopes. Around 1.8 million pesos was taken by Natuto since 2016.

Natuto was sentenced to serve 3 years and pay a fine of 100 thousand pesos. She made no statement to the court.

Our Personality Profile is one of the crucial parts of the Broadcasting course. As a part of creating our Personality Profile, we have to interview an SLU Communication alumnus. Afterward, we have to create our SWOT Analysis.

In the SWOT Analysis, we have seen that we conducted our interview seamlessly because of the numerous strengths. On the other hand, there are also a small number of weaknesses seen in our interview. The weaknesses would be great learning for us in the future. Meanwhile, we have a handful of opportunities that we got from the interview and threats that we encountered. Overall, having this SWOT Analysis would greatly benefit our group and ourselves as well.

What is the news in our society today? Watch our Mobile Journalism Newscast.

Jerick Raquedan

A Communication Student who inspires the youth by creating content, in creative ways, for them to reach their goals and value their roots.

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